Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Morning World

I'm so Excited about my new blog look. thanks maegan. also, i love fairies. I think my love affair started back in college. I got this beautiful book of fairies and i started to believe. I have this weird shoulder blade that separates from my back in an uncanny way so i've always liked to believe that I was a fairy in a past life (or a fallen angel :-) My daughter's name is English and means "elfin ruler" so i take that to mean that she is lord of the fairies. And...she is very pixie-ish in a devious, naughty sort of sprite-like way. Anyhoo, i stumbled upon Disney's website while looking for activities for my 3 year old and i found my new favorite thing to do -- build your own fairy! Here's the link:

It is so fun! you can create everything from her hairstyle to wingstyle to her name. You can even decide which of the elements (garden, light, water, animal) she will precide over. it's fabulouos. you can print stationary or just print an 8x10 of the fairy you make. I like to make then as gifts for neices and little girls but big girls like fantasy too. good clean fun! have a happy monday.

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