Monday, December 8, 2008

Warning and good news

Hi little bloggie blog blog. Haven't touched base in too long's the scoop. So, on Friday (or thursday, i don't remember), I was checking emails and saw that I had a new message from this guy I used to date (who incidentally is a tremendous kisser and dumped me like a hot potato because he decided that me having a daughter and an ex-husband was more than he could handle). I clicked on the link to facebook and saw that the message from good kisser guy was just "oh ...that's it. there was a video message attached and i saw that there were a few others on the to list who had received the message and wrote comments back. Long story short...i received a string of pop ups asking me to download this, update that and disable x, y and z. so i did. bad idea. WARNING: do not open video messages on facebook. my computer got infected and I had to leave it at Fry's for no less than 4 days to the tune of $60 for de-virusing service. i then spent an additional $20 for a flash drive to back up my data. so lame.

The the good new is that I still have my old toshiba laptop (given to me by a very unsavory character I used to date -- but that another story for another time maybe :-) This laptop is so ghetto cuz my toddle plucked off about 10 keys from the keyboard so i have to use an external keyboard plugged in with a usb cable. so funny.

In other good news, i have been "flirting" with the idea of buying hair extensions to make me feel more lovely and youthful. As I was leaving Forever 21 last weekend (irony here?) the lady at the hair cart in the mall intercepted me and I was down for the tackle. She clipped those puppies in and it was love at first hair flip/swing. I bought em' and really saw it as an investment in my overall happiness as I have been stressing about my hair thinning ever since my daughter was born 3 years ago. i even wore them the rest of the day and my friends didn't even notice. Awesome! Ok, happy monday little bloggie blogg.