Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm starting to get attention and my biggest fear is coming to life. My addictive personality is rearing it's two faced head and charmingly lying it's way back into my life. I made amends to an old "friend" with whom I had a harmless brief fling with. Now my bottom line is all smeared because I am in the midst of a divorce but I am very much enjoying the quasi textsex we've been having. I've even tossed the idea in my head of getting together for a cuddle. The whole thing makes me nervous and my evil ways from the past are taunting me "you can't stay faithful in your marriage even if you have been separated for 6 months. You can't bear to be alone. Without anyone adoring you, you don't exist. You are pointless." Those fucking voices! That stupid committee in my head deciding my fate is driving me bananas and coconuts.

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