Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hi maeg

does negative energy count if it's on a blog?
love you

1 comment: Maegan said...

Oh it's so much like passing notes in school!!!!! Do you know that I still have them ALL? Surprise, Surprise!

Um, please do not feel badly about Jill. I'm SURE she understands and if she doesn't then that's not cool anyway. Talk about disconnected! :)

Brad can suck it too! ahahahaha
As if you would deplete your safety net!?!?!? ...and come running back to him. AS IF! (in a total Vgirl accent - and look on face)

Have you seen promos for the new 90210? Like 100 times more scandalous than our version ....I'm scared for the future teenagers!

...wait, you were more into Melrose P. I was ALL ABOUT 90210 ahahahah

Loves and kisses.