Saturday, May 31, 2008

The beach boardwalk speaks to me

Man have i been messed up the last couple days. First of all, I cried in front of my supervisor at work because she is my NEW supervisor and i stress the word because she is a new supervisor and i feel micromanaged. Next, I checked my online bank statement auto deposit on Friday and my paycheck was about $500 less than i was anticipating due to unforeseen circumstances (holidays and staying home to care for my sick baby on Brad's days to have her). Anywho, i started crying and couldn't stop. My brilliant little sister came with me on my errands assist me as she was worried when i couldn't stop crying. She suggested I read the part of the Big Book on the third step. And...acceptance is the key to all my problems today. then, the next day, i took avery on a stroll at the beach and pushed her while i roller skated. I looked over at the boardwalk wall and someone had written in big letters "Accept". Then, about 3 or 4 minutes later, i saw "Love" written on the wall. Lastly, before i took avery out of the stroller to push her on the swings, I saw "Goodness" written on the wall. It was just what I needed to be reminded of. so thank you to whoever validated my inner truth.

2 comments: Maegan said...

nothing is coincidence thing. :) love and kisses and hugs and squeezez

Nanny Pants is on the loose said...

oh i'm just seeing your comments now. what a retard i am.