Sunday, July 27, 2008


this is for you maeg (cuz really no one else knows about this blog and i can't email straight to your home so I'd have to wait for you to see an email til you get to work mon. morn.). So, Friday i bought a ticket online to the Hypercrush and Millionaires show at the Knitting Factory (which i've never been to - hypercrush or knitting fact.) I really need to stop with the parentheses. i digress. so my little sister who is 20 and really doesn't know much about hollywood or the club scene since she has to go to all ages events, tells me that her best friend talked to one of the band members of Hypercrush and he said they would go on at 10pm. On the website, i protested, it says the doors open at 7 and Hypercrush's website says they are goin on at 7:30pm. whateves, Jessie says she's been to their shows 20 times and i should trust her. We leave in a caravan at 8:30 and arive about about 9:15. The doors are closed, the show is sold out (my sis and her friends did not pre order tix) and Hypercrush just finished playing. I had my mom sleep at my house to babysit my daughter and i missed out on putting her to bed. i was so bummed. but, everything happens for a reason i suppose so maybe if we had stayed till later, there would have been a tragedy. i don't know but what a BUST. good thing you didn't come maeg.

2 comments: Maegan said...

omg OMG that sucks assholes. but you had a ticket? that you paid for? poop.

Love your flower profile pic. beautimus.

Nanny Pants is on the loose said...

thanks, kristie took that pic at the Getty. yes, i paid $15 for the ticket, $8 for parking and probably around $20+ for gas. so lame.