Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My daddy

So my dad is a drummer and so is every other member of the paternal side of my fam (i guess besides uncle tim but he prolly did a little drumming in the younger years.) Anyhoo, there's my dad in the upper left corner in the back. So rockin, right? i was so angry growing up (there's me on the bottom right). I was the perpetual "victim". Luckily, i'm not anymore :-) i have made peace with my dad who has music in his blood and uses the drums as an anti-anxiety medication. I'm going to see him play tonight and i'm so proud of him. My mom, sister and I took a backseat to the drums while I was growing up but since I was about 18, my dad has been turning it around. He's there at every holiday. He shows up for me and gives cards and gifts even when he doesn't have the money. He does the best he can and he's a really Righteous drummer. (that's for you maeg ;-)


...love Maegan said...

omg your dad looks like SUCH A ROCKER in that pic!!!! ahahah I love it. I'm stealing this pic RIGHT NOW. you look like a brunette avery heheheheh.

...love Maegan said...

OH and a bit of fam info. My dad never played the drums cuz o grandpa's teaching skillz. He played the trumpet instead. ...and actually joined the navy to be in the music section {for lack of better word} and instead, went to Vietnam. fun times.