Monday, July 14, 2008

I am so done

Watch the thoughts. Thank God for opportunities. Remember that the water fill up station exists right down the street. No need to struggle. It hurts more to hold on than to let go. Pray for the right thought, action or intuition. Give waht you believe you have. Accept only what you believe you deserve. Love and acceptance. Love and acceptance. Love and acceptance. It is all as it should be. The lotus flower is unfolding just as it should, born fromt he murky waters of pain and darness. Transition, change and evolution are part of healthy life. It's not such a bad thing to be a gypsy if growth is inherent. Believe there is more to come. Ask for the will of the world, the strength and courage to face what comes and the inspiration to create. Be of service. Ask what can be done for the sick (mind-body-spirit). Release yourself of bondage of self. Never judge, lest you one day face such ill fate and be shown through adversity how hard decisions can be to make. Know you are good. Every single person is doing the best they possibly can at any given time. Watch the thoughts, release them in the wind. The ocean always remains. The sun always rises. Love always conquers all.

1 comment: Maegan said...

there IS more to come :)