Sunday, June 22, 2008

over 30

today i spent the whole day at my little sisters apartment with her friends. It was weird. I feel like such an old lady. really, i'm only like 5 years older than many of them but my sister is 11 years younger so it just feels super weird. she had a house warming party and she has a pool which is awesome since it's ba-lazing hot. i got burned laying out at the pool which will turn to tan and although that it such an 80's mentality, hey, what do you want, i'm a valley girl and "80's" is my middle name. anyway, it was hard to sit through but i really didn't have anything else besides laundry and crying about my divorce so i stayed the whole day and then went to the young people's AA meeting with her and her friends. i like going cuz it reminds me how fucked up i was in my 20's and keeps me humble about still feeling fucked up even in sobriety and even with a God of my understanding.
p.s. i love america's best dance crew.

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