Friday, June 6, 2008


i'm getting fat. maybe it's just cuz i'm not stressed the fuck out about my husband perhaps trying to kill me. or maybe i'm just eating too much and not working out cuz i'm working more and rewarding myself with food (probably the latter). anyway, my tits are growing and that's a sure fire sign. my bra is tight. by belly is getting a bit fat too and i guess it's good that my thighs are keeping shape. i can't have gained more that 3 or 4 lbs so i'm just gonna lay off the night time chocolate for a while and kick it up a notch with the gym visits and boardwalk skate sessions. my face looks better and not so gaunt but i noticed 4 new gray hairs in my bangs today. that friggin sucks! i like how i can curse in blogs cuz i can't really curse since i have 3 year old (soon to be - in 9 days). i'm thinking about cutting my hair short. probably won't do it though cuz i'm "gutless" (maeg, that's so your mom's influence right there). ok that's all.

2 comments: Maegan said...

aaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahhaah. OMG you look so good - and are totally NOT FAT or even close, nutso! I keep thinkin'bout cutting the mane too!...but I probably won't

Nanny Pants is on the loose said...

don't cut it. you're hair's fuckin awesome.